The world claims that people on the spectrum have no empathy. Perhaps it’s the other way around, because how many times have you heard of people bullying people with an ASD for being different? How many people have you heard claim that autism is a disease that must be cured? How many people have you heard mourn the loss of their ideas of what their child should have been? People filled with guilt because they think they caused “brain damage” to their child because they drank coke while pregnant.

Truth is, there is no one thing that has been proven to definitely cause autism. There are many speculations, many theories, and I think the closest is actually genetics. The studies that have been performed on autistic brains have shown that the changes happen in the womb, which rules out vaccines. There could be a very small number whose brains are somehow changed by vaccines due to a bad reaction, but we don’t know. There is a lot we just don’t know. What I do know is that the amount of mercury in a single vaccine is nowhere near the amounts in a can of tuna. Even drinking water can have small amounts. 

You can do everything right and still end up with an autistic kid. Just think of this. Great minds that have changed the course of mankind, that have created so many amazing things, were probably on the spectrum. Build up their strengths, don’t limit them to a life of misery and solitude (although solitude is rather nice, lol). Don’t expect them to be “normal”, don’t try to force them into your own understanding. Life is hard with a severely autistic child, I know. Life is hard with me! Life is hard in general. What’s to say your life would be better with a neurotypical child? It’s the “grass is greener” problem 😦 

I love my kids. My toddler definitely has many autistic/aspie traits and yes, it can be difficult at times and we’re only just starting with life with him. But I would never want him to be different. 

That does bring another thought, on the late onset autism. This is the one where the child seems to suddenly regress at around 20 months of age, which coincides with vaccines. However, since children who have not been vaccinated have regressed, vaccines cannot be (solely) blamed. I can imagine that it would be more difficult in this situation because the parent would know the child for 20ish months and know their unique personality, only to have it suddenly change. That would be a lot harder. 

But again, that’s more of a minority on the spectrum. The more severe cases are definitely more known, but they’re not the majority. There are a lot of people out there that are just considered weird, or hermits, or whatever and no one thinks about autism because autism has been reported on as the more severe cases. There is so much to learn about it. I’m definitely still learning. I’ve barely even scratched the surface and I’ve already seen a huge split between the two communities. I read somewhere that there are 4 different areas. Those who believe it’s an injury, an illness, an identity, and a study. I wish we could all just join together and be glad for differences. I do not want to be changed, and from what I’ve read, the people who do want to be NT are those who just want to be understood.


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