I’m sure most people have money problems of some sort. Mine is, I hate spending money on myself. So for my birthday, I ended up with $225, plus I made $45 on tutoring. I hate the fact that I listened to people and spent it on myself. Ok, I didn’t spend it all on me, I did buy groceries, but I should have paid the rest of our bills instead. I’m sick of being behind, so why the crap did I spend it on myself? I had all that money and bam, gone. My husband doesn’t see me spending it all on me as a problem, he considers it a type of therapy. It has been a very long time since I did spend my bday or christmas money completely on me. 

So is it wrong of me to feel bad? Why wouldn’t I feel bad?

I did buy myself a nice Japanese plate and cup, a Weeping Japanese Maple, and some Japanese Maple seeds (unknown types). They are very beautiful trees. My husband is wanting to buy a Osakazuki maple for his birthday along with a bunch of acuta bamboo. Acuta is an evergreen bamboo that grows up to like 30 feet and sends out underground runners and Bam! more bamboo, and since it grows 3-5 feet per year, it won’t take long. It’ll be really pretty, especially with the maples. My maple might get to be 14 feet tall, but my husband’s should get to be 25 feet tall. I can’t wait. 

Aaaaaanndd… distracted again…


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