What exactly is it about famous entertainment people that people love so much? Is it the fact that they hold a lot of power? Is it because most of them are portrayed as perfect breeding stock? So in a sense, they’re basically all just sex objects for the general public? I would hate to be famous because of that. And it bugs me that people put these magical movie stars up on pedestals and shun the people around them. Don’t they know that the characters they fall in love with on the screen can and do exist in reality? But no one wants to get to know them, or there are social issues. It’s all about breeding and primal instinct, anyway.

There are a few celebrities I wouldn’t mind meeting, but mainly because I think they’d be fun to hang out with. I’ve met a few famous people, heck I’m related to some. I’ve dined with the rich and famous, rubbed elbows with those with power, and I will gladly go straight back to my homemade mac n cheese and “lower” folk that hang out here. I cannot stand the social games played by those who think they are better than everyone else. I like the celebrities that seem real. Someone like David Hewlett I think would be great to meet. Maybe Harrison Ford, because he reminds me of my grandpa.

I have been called socially inept and have done and said many things to get people to look at me weird or talk behind my back, but I prefer open and honest to the games and backstabbing. From what I’ve read, people claim they like open and honest but then they bash those who are! Screw that. If I get to meet a celebrity, then yay, but it’s not a big deal. Lol, I think I might prefer not to, anyway, what with my inability to speak properly! It never fails, every time I try to talk to the Knights at the Ren faire, I say the stupidest crap ever. I’ll just stick to my little cave of solitude, thank you ^.^


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