Allergies and nerves

So we have guests tonight and I made a white cheese sauce and breaded chicken breasts with corn and carrots. Now, I have Oral Allergy Syndrome and am allergic to almost all of nature, lol. Usually it’s not too bad, but it gets worst in the spring (of course). I’ve been having really bad allergies since the trees in our neighborhood started pollinating the world and have been avoiding many foods I usually get some sort of reaction to, even the minor ones. So when I went to make dinner, I found I was out of white all purpose flour and only have whole wheat flour. So I used it in my roux and on the chicken, not really thinking. I only ate a little (and sadly, stupid me even went and ate some corn and carrots) before I started having difficulty breathing and my face and neck started itching and burning. It’s been over an hour and I’m still having small problems. So much for eating dinner.

I’m allergic to fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, adhesives, and plants, and probably other things I don’t know about. Before I became pregnant with my first son, it wasn’t that bad. I could eat oats just fine and wheat only made me uncomfortable. Now I can’t even eat Cheerios without having a bad reaction, which is sheer torture since oatmeal, cheerios, and raisin bran are my favorite cereals. I am reduced to rice. I think I’ve been having trouble with the overprocessed peanut butter and super white breads too. I keep having people telling me that I need to go on the paleo diet (hahahahahahaha!) and that I need to eliminate dairy as well (which I may or may not be sensitive to? Not bad enough to really tell. Or care). So I made a list of foods I can eat without any noticeable reaction and a list of foods I have had a reaction to, even if it’s really minor.

Good:  Overly cooked soups, Meat, Eggs, Tea, Chips/crackers, Cookies/most candies (sans nuts or fruit, or coconut), Cooked rice, Rice cereal, Baked goods not made with whole wheat or fruit (bagels, breads, cakes, pastries, donuts, etc), Dairy???, Cooked bleached noodles, Non-caffeinated clear sodas, Snack cakes (little debbie), Beans

Bad: Fresh fruits, Fresh berries, Fresh Vegetables, Nuts/seeds/grain, (fresh plant material in general), Juice (from 1% up), Some cooked fruits, Some cooked vegetables, Raw dough, Uncooked dry noodles, Cooked wheat noodles, Wheat cereals (cream of wheat, bran flakes, wheat chex, etc), Oat cereals (oatmeal, cheerios), Corn cereals? (cornflakes, etc), Cereals such as fruit loops, Banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc, Dairy???, Red food dye, Caffeine, Artificial sweeteners, Chocolate syrup, Raw cacao

I’m the only one in my family who has such a problem. My dad gets an itchy mouth with bananas, but that’s about it. Cucumbers are the worst for me, I can’t even smell them without getting a reaction. I had someone try to tell me Oral Allergy Syndrome isn’t a real allergy, but I can guarantee that I have an allergy. I don’t know why I do. My mom has always been into healthy foods, gardening, raising/hunting our own meat and everything. Heck, she even had me as an unmedicated home birth. I’m a fluke. I have allergies, mental issues, and nerve problems. I also get sick easy. After having my first son, I had 4-5? different infections, one of which required major neck surgery.

Which brings me mention my latest fun. I have developed peripheral neuropathy. It’s in my hands, feet, back, chest, and tongue now. They checked me for heavy metal poisoning and I’m fine, I don’t have diabetes, I don’t have an elevated RBC or WBC. The only numbers that weren’t normal was the Folate at >20.0 where normal is about >5.4, but I’ve not found anything about that that could point to neuropathy. Oh and it’s not lyme disease. It could be genetic (aka the fibromyalgia), cancer/tumors, or maybe a very small possibility of Parkinson’s. My grandma had fibromyagia, Parkinson’s, and neuropathy and I am very much like her. No one seems to remember if her neuropathy started before or after the Parkinson’s diagnosis, but I remember it had gotten so bad, her feet were horrible looking because she couldn’t feel anything. She’d had infections and broken toes and they were so swollen my mom had to make her special sock slippers. I seem to be following in her footsteps, only much much earlier. I was 18 when I got my fibromyalgia diagnosis, now darn near a decade later I have the neuropathy. I’m uncertain as to what I’d prefer. Cancer or Parkinson’s. At least there are cures for cancer, however I think that’s pretty low on the list… I would be lying if I said I’m not terrified. I watched my grandma die of the Parkinson’s and it was scary. 

I am terrified. There’s nothing I can except continue what I’m doing. I want to at least see my boys grow up.


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