I wish I could have a machine that I could hook up to myself and someone else so that I can show them how I feel. The flurry of feelings inside me is interesting and it’d be fascinating to find out how someone else would perceive them. There would be problems with it, of course, but I’d still like it. I’d also like it coupled with a machine to actually show someone my dreams. To feel and see what I do when I dream. I would like to see and experience what other people do as well.

Apparently it’s illegal to donate a comatose body for experiments. So if I, heaven forbid, go into a coma and stay in a coma for a very long period of time, my family cannot donate me to science. I have to be either alive/awake, or dead. I am already planning on donating my dead body to science. After they’ve done as much as they want on me, it’d be nice to have my body go to a forensic training place! I do want a finger of mine to be turned into a diamond though. I mean, how cool is that to carry around a diamond and say it used to be part of a living person? If I lose a piece of my body, maybe I’ll do it before I die. It’s not cheap so I’ll have to be rich… Of course, I have to remember that not every body is qualified to be studied…. sigh… I might be turned down. I might still get to help in forensics though.

On that note, I feel like I’m going to pass out and can’t see very well so I’m going to try to get some sleep…


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