4.3.13 Dream

Very interesting dream…

I was in New York but it was the future. I think I was there for a convention, something like Dragon Con maybe. I can’t remember exactly where it starts, but I remember driving down a road and it was steep. We passed a house and I got all excited, yelling “That’s my uncle’s house! My uncle used to live there!” I was jumping up and down in my seat I was so excited. And then I saw a restaurant we used to eat at but it was run down and boarded up. I was sad, but I was understanding that things can’t always last. I remember that I was with people that I don’t know in reality, but in the dream I knew them well. We drove down to this little convenience store that was like a tackle and bait shop. We were not in the city, btw. There were eucalyptus trees and the driveway was dirt. There were some hunters and fishermen there but they didn’t like us strangers. It felt like we were foreigners from another country rather than just another state. They were threatening us subtly, and then I think someone started shooting arrows at us and I called them dirty using dirty tactics. So we left.

Back in the city, there were famous people all over the place and it looked like the architecture was all from ancient Greece or Rome, really cool buildings although the coloring was bland and bright with the sandy grey marble. The funny thing was that it was set up like an old west town, too. Multi-cultural-multi-era. I’m trying to remember who all was there… Michael Weatherly (NCIS – DiNozzo) was definitely there. Maybe Jester Hairston? There were a bunch of people I didn’t know, of course. I can’t remember what we were doing in that one building, but we left and then someone’s son was missing so we had to go find him. Then the scenery changed, I guess we jumped forward into the future some more, because the old buildings were replaced with these weird looking new buildings that were mostly a dark reflective glass held together with a dark blue metal and it felt like a police state. 

There was a sense of urgency in the atmosphere and also fear. We had to find the kid, but it turns out he wasn’t exactly innocent. The cops were also looking for him and there was this evil rich guy with a helicopter as well. The dream got dark here and I remember something about wild animals running around, like lions and bears. There were clouds and it was getting dark. Someone made mention that Family Guy did an episode like this, although I can’t say I remember it.

There’s a lot more but because of how I was woken up, it’s difficult to remember…


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