Fan Mail

I was contemplating the existence of fan mail today and was thinking that I’ve never sent any despite being a fan of a great many shows. So what is the main reason people write fan mail? Is it that they want to just thank the person/people, or is it for an autograph? And then I was thinking, why wouldn’t someone want to thank a favorite actor/actress/producer/writer/etc? After all, don’t we all like to be thanked for doing a good job at something? So if you were going to write fan mail, who would you thank for making such an awesome show/movie? Considering everything that goes into the making of a show… Writing, storyboarding, CG/VFX, costuming, makeup, acting, location finding, props, producing, funding, directing, lighting, cameras, rigging, food, drinks… I could go on. So who do you thank for the awesomeness? Especially since without the fans, the show wouldn’t make it very far at all?

What is the purpose of fan mail? Is it all just a facade to trick fans into feeling self important? I know that in a way, fans really do matter because without the fans, the show or movie would flop pretty darn fast. We’ve seen this happen a lot. Is my view too cynical on this, am I just plain overthinking it again? 


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