I know I mentioned earlier that I’m a musician and sing, but I often wonder if I feel the music more intensely than most others? In choir the other night, I couldn’t sit still, just constantly moving to the music even if it wasn’t my part. In fact, right now listening to this song I’ve had on loop for a week now I’m still dancing to it. I felt like I was the only one moving to the music in choir and I almost asked the director if I was moving too much! I’m sure he’d tell me…

Speaking of this song I’m listening to… I heard it on a few different advertisements and have essentially latched onto it, since it was playing in that super intense dream I had. Imagine Dragons song Radioactive. See, when a song gets played with something I feel a strong emotional connection to, I connect it to the song as well, so because of the dream, I am emotionally attached to the song. I can’t really describe the multitude of feelings I get when I listen to it, but it moves me. It’s a strong feeling, it fills me up, and I have to move. 

Last night I freaked out and ended up locking myself in my room (with my baby because he was hungry) and after I got him to sleep, I just sat on the bed rocking with this song on loop until I fell asleep. Literally, I fell. Lol. I didn’t realize it until my husband came to bed and I was laying in his spot. But the rocking… plus the song… I just put my hands over my headphones, curled up and rocked, eyes shut. I admit I did end up with another very weird dream over that.

It was this epic fight scene at night in the rain. “It was this girl who was trying to stop this group of girls from bothering some actors late at night at a house the actors were staying at. She stood at the gate, refusing to budge, and some of the other girls attacked her. It flowed with the beat of the song with periodic slow motion. Adrenaline filled awesomeness, it got my blood pumping. But then this crazy girl pulled out a gun and started yelling at the heroine, yelling about how she was not going to stop her plan, she was going to kill the actors. And then she shot the heroine in the gut. But she only stumbled a little, she didn’t drop. Around this time the actors came out, maybe to stop the fight? Anyway, the heroine glared at the shooter and with a battle cry and lightning speed, launched herself at the shooter, smashing her into a light pole. In her anger, she just smashed the shooter’s head again and again into the pole until she was knocked out. Stumbling back, staring at the blood on her hands, the heroine looked around with tears in her eyes and stammered before falling to the ground. She still wasn’t completely out and as one of the actor’s pressed a towel to her gunshot, she apologized for ruining their night. Then her eyes went wide, she jumped up and launched herself at the shooter who was staggering up and aiming her gun at one of the actors. The gun was fired two more times and both girls fell to the ground. The heroine then snapped the shooter’s neck before falling unconscious.”

All I know after that is that she did survive at least. That dream was very very short and surprisingly straight forward. My dreams are usually long and complicated with weird plots. Granted I wasn’t asleep for very long and did have an outside influence. I suppose that is a typical dream for that. I must say one of the cooler dreams I had was where I was an assassin :3 Much better than a dream of hopelessness and fear. I wonder what I’ll dream tonight…

(btw, there is another possibility for the neuropathy that makes a lot more sense. That maybe something is not aligned properly in my back)


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