I have an urge to write, I feel like there’s something inside me that just needs to be said, but I really can’t think of what it is.

On that note, I dreamt of an alien invasion last night, but it was a political thing by the rich to get rid of the poor. My dad and I managed to escape the aliens and hid in a hen house with a bunch of Russian refugees and my dad hooked up with the Russian resistance leader. I guess mom died or something…

Also, I’m sitting here drinking a can of Dr. Pepper someone left in our fridge and while I shouldn’t have even thought about it because of the caffeine (causes pain and other stuff), I have discovered I’m actually getting an allergic reaction from it. I don’t know why it is, but my food allergies have exploded the past like week or so. I’m getting much worse so much faster. Apparently this allergy season is really kicking butt with other people too! My husband took me to one of his work meetings that took place at a restaurant and I ended up getting a bad reaction. I’m still not sure what caused it, but I do know that it’s getting much closer to anaphylaxis than I’m comfortable with. I spent I don’t know how long coughing, unable to stop and barely able to breathe. Thankfully my inhaler and meds help. So… avoid colored sodas like the plague. Avoid any artificial colorings, avoid anything that could have a potential for possibly giving a reaction… Basically a diet of clear liquids, meat, rice, eggs (so far) and white bread! I’m still uncertain with dairy… 

Hannibal is on in 7 minutes. Not sure if I’m going to stay up to watch it, since both kids have fallen asleep… But apparently the lead has Asperger’s so I’m really interested to see it. Plus, I mean it’s about a serial killer! So yeah. Anyway, yeah I’m gonna go sleep. Good thing about caffeine and me, it does not keep me up!


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