Or, more specifically, my toddler. While I know that parents are supposed to say things like “My kid is so smart! My kid this, my kid that!” I will willingly admit when my kid is being stupid. He’s smart physically and he can learn things, but he is such a stubborn cuss. He is also not that smart when it comes to talking. He’s still not even 2 yet, so I can’t expect much from him. I also can’t compare him to anyone else’s child, because everyone is different. I know some very intelligent people who didn’t talk until age 3, and some others who were speaking clear full sentences by 18 months, such as “Where is the bathroom please?” Kids have their own times, the milestone charts are just things to see if there might be something that could be wrong. I’m not worried about my toddler. While it’s very rare he’ll repeat after me unless it’s a word he already knows, he is gaining words. He’s finally figured out “please”! I think he has maybe 20-30 words now, although he usually just says maybe 5-10 a day. Ball, Tree, Doggy, Kitty, Food, Apple, Banana are his staple words. He’s sort of picked up Grape, Car, Out, Pool (?) and some other words I haven’t deciphered yet recently, but he says them for something… I’m not sure if when he says what sounds like Monet it’s actually mommy or not. Still can’t get him to wave byebye, but I think he’s picked it up a little. Can’t always get him to say it, but oh well. He said Batman twice, but now refuses to. 

How would I even begin to describe my crazy little guy? He’s full of energy, although apparently calmer than other toddlers. He loves sharing and is a bit OCD about it. If someone doesn’t share with him, he kinda freaks out and refuses to eat. Some days he’ll eat and others he won’t. He’s pretty picky. He’s also very into using big people as tools. Just a minute ago he dragged this tunnel over to me, It has feet, as it’s some sort of caterpillar and he had hold of one of the feet. He then grabbed my pinky and tried to make my hand do something to the foot. Unfortunately I’m still not sure what he was going for and so he got mad. He likes to use my finger to flip switches, push buttons, do random things. He thinks it’s great. He’s also very independent, which can be great, but can also have its own problems.

Take for example the fact that if I’m doing something, he has to do it as well. With my tools. Digging in the garden, he needs to use MY trowel. He has to use my full size hoe that he can barely move. I decided to start riding my bike again and he got mad at me and actually climbed the thing so I would push him around on it. He is now mad at me because I put the lid on my water bottle. He has to drink whatever I drink as well. He loves the black coffee my dad sometimes lets him have a sip on while I’m not looking. Or black unsweetened tea. It doesn’t matter, if someone is drinking it he wants it. He just spilled my water so I handed him a bunch of paper towels and he’s got it all cleaned up already. He didn’t want me to help him, either. 

He’s also eccentric. Loves to run around with just one shoe one. Today it’s a red rain boot. The other day it was a shiny black shoe. He doesn’t like clothing so much, has a very sensitive neck so his shirts, tagless and all, still bother him and he sometimes scratches his neck til it bleeds. He will strip down to nothing. I’m not sure how potty training is even going to work. Bribery has never worked for him, either. I’m not going to push him, but we’ll just have to see how things go. Another weird thing about him that I’ve not seen in other kids is that he doesn’t care about the TV except to push buttons on the remote. He only watches it if he’s really sick or falling asleep. He would much rather be outside playing in the water. Or inside playing in water. If I try to take him inside before he’s ready, he will freak out for a very long time and I cannot distract him. Sometimes he’ll calm down after maybe 10 minutes but he’ll continue to stare outside saying “Ball? Out? Ball? Ball?” And sometimes, since I won’t give in, he’ll meltdown again. Someone tried to tell me that having a tantrum that lasts more than 30 minutes isn’t normal. Sure is normal for my kid! I read that on average, kids around 2 yrs old tantrum 8-9 times a week and each tantrum lasts around 2-4 minutes. Mine has multiple tantrums a day sometimes lasting 30 minutes or more. Those are more rare at least. He can certainly fixate on things for a long time! And he can zone out while doing it. Sometimes he doesn’t even act like I exist ^.^

I love my arm flapping random baby and I can’t imagine life without him, or his brother. There’s so much about them now, it’s going to be a very interesting journey through life with them. 




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