So tell me again how I can’t shoot…


This morning, up until about 4:30 as my in-laws were walking up the driveway, I had forgotten we were going shooting to test out my new scope. I was still trying to recuperate from yesterday (more testing with the psychologist) and was planning on having a nice quiet evening watching the new NCIS. I was still in my PJ’s, doing laundry and preparing dinner. I had just gotten my baby to sleep and my toddler was having fun helping me out. Oh well, I need excitement in my life… I still can’t believe I forgot!

Well, anyway, I have a Ruger Mark III Hunter, a not so little .22 pistol and I got a scope for Christmas for it. It’s in a nice shiny silver case that locks and has three safeties and I never keep it loaded. Ammo is in a locked case kept elsewhere. I am much more comfortable defending my home with a sword and/or dagger. Especially with kids in the house, because kids are inherently stupid. But I still do enjoy shooting. I can really only shoot a .22 anyway, the higher calibers are too painful. I have very sensitive hearing and I can also feel something like a .45. It jars me and it hurts. And I am so sick of people telling me “It doesn’t hurt.” Oh, so now you’re an expert on how I feel things? Great, let me just get a hammer and bash your toe it. It shouldn’t hurt, right? Because I sure as heck can’t feel it! Lol. Hmm, what is “empathy” again?

And that was what really set me off today. I was happily shooting my target and lining up my scope, so my targets had holes all over the place. I wasn’t worried, I just wanted to see if I could get the scope as accurate as I could. One of the range masters came over and told me my stance wasn’t correct. See, I like to have my arms at my side and they wanted me to have my elbows out in a position that is just plain uncomfortable for me. They also wanted my hands positioned differently, but again, not comfortable with it. I do what works for me and is comfortable for me while still being safe and secure. That little talk just annoyed me. I figured they get a lot of people in there that don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve been shooting since…. I don’t know, I feel like I’ve always had a gun, although I think I started with bow and arrow. Either way…

What annoyed me more was the guy who came up after and I can’t remember exactly what he said, but something along the lines that I should shoot a higher caliber or my stance would have to change with a higher caliber. So I told him I can’t shoot a higher caliber because it hurts. I guess he took it wrong because he told me he bet he could teach me to shoot a higher caliber. So I told him I’ve been shooting since I can remember and have shot higher caliber, have shot black powder rifles, etc, and it hurts too much, I can’t shoot them. And as he walked off he said, “If you won’t, then you can’t.” I can’t explain why that ticked me off so much. I’m still irritated by it. I mean, on the one hand it’s like, DUH!! That’s what I SAID. And at the same time, I just feel like there was more to his statement than just words. I don’t know what hidden connotation he said it with, maybe if someone more socially able had heard him they’d be able to tell me. Was he frustrated with me? Did he just not get that I’m super sensitive and can’t handle the explosions? I had a hard enough time with the .45’s on either side of me and that was with ear protection. I can guarantee that if I were deaf, I would still most definitely know when such a weapon was fired. I can feel it in my body, it resonates, sends a shock wave.

So, in my irritation, I shot the crap out of my target. My grouping was the neatest and tightest on the entire range, thank you very much. I think I went through 400 rounds or so before I realized my scope had wiggled two of the screws loose and was falling off…

I can’t explain why I’m bothered so much by it all… Maybe it’s just how tired I am. Maybe it’s because I was still getting over being surprised. I need to go to sleep now. My poor babies were not happy while I was gone and I don’t blame them. The toddler cried until about ten minutes before we got home. He was still crying in his sleep when I walked in 😦 My baby was so happy to see me and nursed to sleep (and then was woken up by the dogs and had to be nursed back to sleep again…) I don’t want to do ANYTHING tomorrow. NOTHING. ugh. screw this crap.


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