So… the psychologist went over the test results with me and after having some time to process it and talk to other people, I’m not entirely sure how to feel still. She said I have pretty much all the traits, but she says I seem to be able to read expressions and emotions too well to be on the spectrum. During testing, we read the picture book ‘Tuesday’ and she made mention of the fact that I said the frogs were terrorizing the birds, that the cat didn’t seem to know what to think, that the dog looked scared, etc. She also doesn’t think I’m on the spectrum because I don’t go on and on and on about my special interests. I think I’ve kinda been told to shut up a lot, and being shy, I’m just plain not assertive enough. I know I’ve gotten mad at people because I want to finish talking about a certain subject but they’re louder and more assertive than I am and so I just can’t talk.

She said I’m quiet, shy, have a monotone voice, flat expressions, I don’t pick up on social cues, my interests are abnormal, my IQ test scores were all over the place and therefore not accurate… She was confused by the fact that I’m very artistic and emotionally sensitive, and yet I analyze everything and use logic. I am an enigma. 

Talking with others who have been professionally diagnosed, they don’t think she knows how to diagnose females on the spectrum. So now I’m not entirely sure what I should do. Should I email her and ask her about the criteria for females and how ASDs present differently? Ask if she’s read anything by Rudy Simone? There isn’t much study done on females on the spectrum yet, although considering that Asperger’s in the US is still fairly a recent thing (1980’s – early 1990’s, really), so it’s not really surprising girls get passed by all the time. They’re just considered “weird.” 

So. Am I just “weird” or am I really on the spectrum and I’m getting passed by? Would it do any good to ask about it, or should I just drop it? Knowing me, I’ll be sending her an email tomorrow. Lol.


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