Brain function and visions

Sometimes when I’m trying to go to sleep, I’ll just let my mind go, I won’t focus on anything at all. Last night I did this, but my brain was just in overdrive or something because images kept flashing through my mind. They would only last a split second before being replaced, so much fast than I could keep track of. Various topics… I remember one was a surgeon removing a kidney, another was a seed germinating, some were too fast to tell, some were just feelings, raw emotions. It made me motion sick, and hurt, like my eyes were trying to focus on them but they were just going too fast, like trying to watch a speeding train zipping right in front of you. I could feel my eyes twitch. 

And now I think my brain is doing it again. My hearing is so sensitive right now I think I need to get my headphones on. Just the quiet sound of the rabbits chewing, the dogs breathing, etc is driving me insane.


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