So I went to my regular doctor about my neuropathy yesterday and he told me that it doesn’t seem to be a true neuropathy, but instead a symptom of the fibromyalgia and sleep deprivation. As a precaution, he ordered some tests for me to check my thyroid. After getting the test results back, it appears I have primary hypothyroidism. Of course I have to wait for the doctor to get back to me to know for certain, but they make it pretty easy to understand the test results. Having a 37 tsh level with a t4 level of .5 usually indicates primary hypothyroidism. We’ll know for certain soon, I hope. But that could very well explain why I haven’t been able to lose this weight, the fatigue and pain (aside from fibromyalgia)… I don’t know how long my thyroid has been all wonky, but hey, maybe it’ll get fixed and I’ll feel better soon. 

On another note, we’ve moved the baby into his crib in the toddler’s room, so they’re officially sharing a room. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. He woke up once and the toddler didn’t wake up at all, so yay! Small victories… we’ll see how it goes tonight ^.^


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