So. Talking with my family last night, I’ve found some interesting things out. Like how they’ve been noticing me getting slowly worse and worse. My husband told me he thought that’s just how I was and that it was because of the kids. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been losing my mind, forgetting things like crazy (last night I left the fridge open for who knows how long and didn’t even remember…), just a lot of confusion and forgetfulness and a lot of irritation. I thought it was from lack of sleep. No. Apparently Hypothyroidism can cause Dementia. On the plus side, it should be reversible! Dementia? Me? I’m not even 30 yet! I still have a ways to go for that, and most people don’t even get it until after 60… It is freaking me out a bit, truthfully. I mean, I’m not actually crazy, I really have a real problem! It’s a relief, because that means it can be fixed. I hope. What would I be without my memories? Will I get my memories back, the ones I’m having a hard time remembering, like my toddler as a baby?

Will I be able to lose weight? I keep feeling like I’m doing great in losing weight, only to not lost any at all. I have no energy at all, I have no desire to do anything anymore. All symptoms of hypothyroidism. I’m so glad for my doctor, that he actually paid attention and had the appropriate tests done, instead of saying I’m just depressed like everyone else has been saying and wanting to throw anti-depressants at me. There is a serious abuse of anti-depressants I think. Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, doctors… I am SO SICK OF BEING TOLD I’M DEPRESSED! Suck on that, all you quacks out there! Argh. Feels good to get that off my chest. There is a serious problem with doctors not recognizing problems. “Oh you’re just depressed.” Ok, so WHY am I depressed? Did they not go to school and find out that heart problems, thyroid problems, and a myriad of other serious health issues cause mental issues like depression? There is always a reason. For some people, medication really does work for their depression. But throwing meds at people willy nilly… ugh.

This has certainly been a fascinating journey this year! I’m still fairly certain I’m on the spectrum, or at least close to it, but I’m thinking about putting off a second opinion until my thyroid problem gets fixed so I don’t confuse anymore psychologists.


2 thoughts on “Dementia

    1. Joan Post author

      Well, I have what has been called a different view on what a friend is. So while it would probably take a long time for me to consider you a friend, I wouldn’t mind just talking.


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