Social Anxiety

Next week I am going to be driving 8 hours away, alone, to meet with some friends. I’m terrified. We’re all meeting at a fancy restaurant that has mostly food I’m allergic to and I haven’t seen these ladies in… ever, hah. I have a hard enough time getting out of the house to meet with someone for a playdate or something. I’m not the most social person on the planet, so driving 8 hours to spend a few days being completely social is terrifying the crap out of me.

Not to mention I’m worried about my husband being with the kids for so long. He’s never been alone with them for more than a few hours so it’ll be a whole new experience for him. At least his mom lives nearby so she can help if he needs it. I’m sure my oldest will be fine without me, but I’m not sure about the youngest. He’s a clinger and loves his mommy… Thankfully he’s starting to cling to his daddy a little more too.

But most of all, I’m terrified of meeting new people, and eating at a high class joint where I’m going to be that person who causes trouble with allergies. I know it’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone, but I’m terrified nonetheless.


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