It just occurred to me that many times my views on equality have been called racist or discriminatory.

Do you know what my views are? That everyone, every single person on earth, should be treated the same.

Rich or poor, tattoos or not, no matter skin color or ethnicity, sexual preference, or where you live, what you wear, what your religious or political views are, what your intelligence is, whatever mental status you are, or what color your eyes are or how famous you are… Everyone’s feelings should be considered. If you run a red light, you need to face the consequences, and the consequences should be the same for everyone. Steal, rob, lie, murder… it should be the same. If you get pulled over, you should never be treated differently based on looks or what car you drive, or anything.

I hate unfairness, injustice, and preferential treatment. We’re all humans, we’re all fallible. There is no one person above another. From that homeless bum on the street to Robin Williams. People discriminate and hate on things all the time. They want to feel special, they want to be raised above others, they desire power, don’t they. They want to be right. Who would want to be wrong?

Am I discriminating by not discriminating?
Am I silly for wanting this kind of equality? Why is it something that seems to confuse people?
Why can’t I figure out why people don’t like it? Do they crave being special so much more than peace and true equality? Or is it something else I can’t see? I desire to learn and grow.


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