Segregation: The action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart.

I keep seeing people say things like, “Because you’re not _____, you can’t talk about it.”
Really? What good does it do to segregate ourselves like this? How does that provide any good discussion if people can only talk about what they are, unless they’re the “privileged” ones? If you’re privileged, then the people who aren’t can talk about you and you have no say in anything because you’re privileged.
How does that invite growth in our society? And heaven help you if you don’t “recognize your privilege.” Is this another one of those statements that just automatically negates anything a privileged person says? I have seen people have their words twisted because the others thought they were privileged and didn’t understand their own privilege. What are we trying to do, continue to make victims? I don’t understand it at all. Are we not allowed to have any white male role models for everyone because they’re privileged and can’t speak for anyone but themselves?

My brother is a white male with autism. Throughout his entire life, he has been accused of things he didn’t do. He has been pulled over by the cops and harassed. I saw it happen. He was falsely accused of something and spent time in jail for it, all because this guy didn’t want to pay my brother for a job he did. My brother has been ostracized for being weird and too smart. He has been ostracized because he won’t follow societal norms. But because he’s a white male, he has “privilege” and cannot say anything to someone of color because he’s not black and is the “oppressor”. He can’t talk to women because, being a white male, he is still the oppressor, even if he experiences discrimination daily.

Discrimination is wrong, no matter what your race. No matter what your gender, your sexual preference, or what you look like. By labeling, you are segregating. What happens when you have someone who is a mix but looks white? Because they look white, they automatically have privilege, but if they more associate with their black or Asian or whatever side, they get grief from that as well. Heaven forbid a man wants to wear pink boots and date women.

We need to stop labeling people who don’t want to be labeled. We need to stop segregating. We need to stop discriminating against people because of preconceived notions, looks, race, mental status, age, whatever. It only serves to build barriers, not bring us together. We need to understand that everyone has problems, on an individual level. Just because someone is one thing doesn’t mean they don’t experience discrimination or pain or suffering. What happened to empathy and compassion?


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