Normal or creepy?

I just recently read a post on facebook about how this woman was taking her kids to ride a camel, and she saw this 70-something year old woman standing in the midst of all these children and became overly excited that this old woman was going to ride a camel. Ok, that’s not too bad.

But then she runs up to the woman and asks if she’s waiting to ride the camel and the older woman says yes, so then this woman says, “Okay. Of course you are. Well, I love you. Forever. Can I take a picture with you and tell people we’re best friends?” They talk for a bit, she finds out this old lady goes hang gliding and everything, and then she wrote, “…then it was her turn and I ran beside her and took one million pictures of her camel ride and missed my kids’ ride completely and somehow that was exactly the next right thing to do.” Because when she told the lady that she had a million wonderful picture to share, it lit her eyes up.

But… is this normal? To run up to strangers, suddenly completely obsessed with them, practically stalking them and taking their pictures without their knowing, while ignoring your own children? Or am I just finding it absolutely creepy because if it happened to me, I would freak out so bad I’d have to find a dark corner to rock in? I have a hard enough time with people just saying “Hi” in the store, some days. (It’s weird, most of the time I seem to have a cloak of invisibility on, even when I don’t want to be ignored… and it seems to fail when I do want to be ignored, lol)

But in the 1000+ comments I read through on the post, only one chided the woman for ignoring her kids and another said you shouldn’t ride animals because they’re slaves and should be freed. Everyone else said they were crying, that it was such a touching story, that it uplifted them, that growing old didn’t seem so bad. I’d ask what’s wrong with me that I don’t understand them at all, but I already know. It just seems so strange that this behavior is normal…


One thought on “Normal or creepy?

  1. sbennett0322

    The woman is just amazed at the old woman who continues to be active in her old age. It is inspiring for us NT’s when we see older people enjoying life (because a lot of the time, older people are plagued with chronic illness or immobility). Also, old people make good subjects for photographs. (Photographs of old people riding a camel are very rare!) The lady might be interested in photography or art, or amazed at the photos she took of the old woman riding a camel. So many NT’s are afraid of getting older because we know there are such higher rates of cancer and chronic illness once we’re old, so if we see an older person riding a bike, jogging, or even just shopping and having fun, it is comforting to us! It means we have a chance to enjoy the time of our life when we are 65 or older. However, I can understand why you think this is weird behavior. I would’ve enjoyed taking pictures of the older lady riding a camel, but I would’ve also made sure to take pictures of my children. Also, my husband is AS and he has no interest in older people.. so he would be confused like you are!

    I am NT and I don’t want to talk to people in a store, either. I think it is not uncommon for conversations with strangers to feel awkward or uncomfortable- some people are extroverted though, and enjoy making conversations with anyone who will listen to them. (I have a lonely uncle who will talk to anyone for hours!) Many of us are introverted though, and we dread talking to people just as much as the AS guy next to us! 🙂

    Maybe one day in our lifetime we can buy one of these wonderful invisibility cloaks–


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