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My first hate mail

I was discussing autism with a group of moms because one lady’s friend just got her daughter diagnosed and was seeking information. Another mom posted a lot of links, some of which seek a “cure” for autism. A few of us commented on how autism is how the brain develops and the only cure is to change the brain. One woman, Amy, started in on us about how it happened to be so coincidental that pro-vaxers claim autism can’t be cured because you’re born with it. I posted a few links to research showing how they’ve discovered autism starts in the womb and then I got this private message.

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It’s my first hate mail, and I didn’t even really do anything. Amy blocked a few other people, too, so it’s not like I’m special, but it’s amazing the level of hatred she had for us just because we said autism is something you’re born with and can’t be “cured.” If you get cured of it, then it wasn’t autism in the first place. Or they somehow changed the makeup of your brain. From what I could tell, Amy wouldn’t even answer if she was an autism mom or anything. Since she blocked me, I could only see another person keep asking her if her child is autistic. I don’t know why she was so upset and obsessed with it. All I know is that I was born this way, as was my brother, as were my children, and everyone else in my family, and a multitude of other people out there.

I can’t stand it when people keep promoting misinformation, especially when some of it can be very damaging to people. Being made to feel like you aren’t worth anything just because of how you are, being told you are diseased or injured and having people try to change you… Bullied, mocked, picked on… It doesn’t even matter if you’re autistic or not…